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UniCrypt provides 5 main services plus several sub-features making it a one-stop shop with everything you need to launch a project, purchase tokens from our launchpad, simply stake your tokens, create a farm, and so on. Ultimately we are a Blockchain tech provider.
Our services include:

This might be slightly confusing... Where shall we start?

What Do You Need?

Note: If you only wish to use our end-user types of services, scroll down or click here.

🔨 I am a developer and I want to...

🚀 Launch my Project ↗️

  • Create an ILO/Presale ↗️
  • Get my contract audited and/or my team KYCed ↗️

🔒 Manage my Liquidity's Lock ↗️

🔒 Manage my Tokens' Vesting ↗️

🌱 Mint a Token ↗️

🚜 Create a Farm/Stake ↗️

👨‍💼 I am an end-user and I want to...

💰 Stake and Earn ↗️

  • Stake UNCX and earn ILO fees ↗️
  • Stake/farm on another project on our platform ↗️

🚀 Participate to a Presale ↗️

Introduction to our services

In here, you will find what services are available in where.
From there you can navigate forward to discover our fees and our ecosystem.


UniCrypt was born in June 2020, with a simple and original concept: identifying ways to protect investors and newcomers to the DeFi space.
From an initial idea named 'POL' (Proof-of-Liquidity), we deployed the first liquidity lockers smart contracts on the ETH blockchain. You can still find the legacy contract here.
After revisiting these contracts, 3 separated Dapps supporting additional features were deployed on multiple Decentralised Exchanges (DEX).
As of April 2021, our services are available on 6 AMM across 4 blockchains.

Is it safe to use?

Every smart contract deployed by UniCrypt is audited by our partners from ChainSulting, except our Pancakeswap v1 to v2 LP locker migration which was audited by Certik.
As all of our services are decentralized, as an end-user you should always DYOR to understand what you are purchasing or interacting with.