Round 0 - How does it work?

Important Note: there is no round 0 or UNCL reservation anymore.
You can only purchase:
  • Before round 1 if you are whitelisted
  • During round 1 if the presale hasn't filled yet
The below information is kept for historical reasons
Since the introduction of our ILO Platform v3 there is now a round 0. The announcement was posted and Twitter and on Medium (Aug 2021 & Sep 2021 & Feb 2022): we strongly recommend you read these articles to get familiar with this new mechanism.
Now, you may be asking yourself:

How do I know if round 0 is filled or not yet?

As per previous page, you will see a number (e.g. 21/66) on the progress bar.
  • The first number is the amount of slots reserved, i.e. amount of wallets who have reserved a slot
  • The second number is the maximum amount of slot available for reservation

How is the max amount of slots decided for round 0?

Updated for ILO v6
A maximum of 20% of ILO's hardcap can be filled during round 0 in v6 by burning 2 UNCL, and up to 79% of HC is reserved for whitelisted wallet (before and during round 0), meaning that round 1 will take place with min 1% and max 100% of hardcap remaining for sale.
For the UNCL part of round 0, the amount of slots is 20% of hardcap divided by the max contribution per wallet.
For example: Hardcap 100 BNB, 2 BNB max per user: 50 (users) / 5 (or 20%) = 10 slots for round 0 using UNCL burns.
Note: even if not everyone contributes as per the max allocation per wallet, the amount of slots available will not increase, and what is unbought will move to round 1 (fcfs).

What are the holding requirements, if any?

There is no holding requirement for round 0. You only need 2 UNCL (which will be 100% burnt if ILO is successful and 25% burnt if ILO fails) and BNB/ETH for your investment + gas fee.

When can I invest in round 0?

From 2 hours after the ILO was created (editable by ILO creator), until 10 minutes before the round 1 starts, as long as some slots are still available.

How do I send 2 UNCL?

Once you are on the ILO page, click on this button
For every ILO you participate to, you will have to "Approve" the UNCL sending (each ILO has a different contract number) then click on the "Reserve" button.
You can refer to our video for a demo:

When should I send my contribution (Eth, BNB, etc.)?

As soon as possible after sending your 2 UNCL. If your contribution is not sent at the latest 10 minutes before round 1, your 2 UNCL will still be burnt and you will lose your slot reservation.

What happens if the ILO fails?

You will be able to withdraw your original contribution (BNB, ETH, etc.) and 75% of your 2 UNCL, i.e. 1.5 UNCL (0.5 UNCL will still be burnt) within 1 single transaction. The reason for 25% burn on failed ILO is explained in our medium article from September 2021

What are the other important changes?

Apart from round 0 described above, these are some of the changes implemented:
  • Whitelist was re-added in ILO v6, with a different and hopefully a more fair formula
  • User interface continuous improvements
  • Developers can manually cancel their ILO