FAQ - Be safe!

An admin contacted me in TG, is this normal?

No, it is not an admin. Admin or moderator will not contact you first. It is likely a scammer. Do not provide any info and do not click on any link. Report to an admin.

How to get an airdrop?

There is no airdrop. There was a reward through a staking contract at the launch of UNCL in 2020, but no airdrop. Anyone claiming there is an airdrop is most likely a scam: report to an admin.

Is Metamask or any other "hot" wallet safe to use?

This is difficult to answer, but it is rather NO: - To configure your wallet, you need to enter your seed phrase at a point of time. A malicious codes in tokens or on your PC could expose your seed phrase or open a gate to syphon your funds, as usually the AMM (e.g. uniswap) allow unlimited spending of your funds, likely for a more cost efficient reason.

How to protect myself?

  • Use your PC exclusively for crypto, don't install anything other that the strict necessary and only from a verified source
  • DO NOT store your seed phrase on your PC, on a cloud service or on any location which has a contact (i.e. internet connection) with the "external world". Store on a paper, on steel plates, etc. and keep it safe
  • Use a hardware wallet: ledger (through metamask) is supported for Unicrypt ILO and farming. This is a cold storage and you will never need to enter your seed phrase on your PC.
  • Do Your Own Research (DYOR), the above is just the start. Find a good balance between convenience and security.