FAQ - ILO for Developers

I want to create an ILO and I have questions, where do I start?

  • Read here about how ILO works in general.
  • Read here about how to create your own ILO.
  • Have your token audited by quality auditors prior ILO starts
Note that ILO creation fees are not refundable.

Short list of important points

  • Know your own code, test your ILO in Kovan, Unicrypt will not fix your code
  • Adjust your tax and maxTx to allow AMM LP creation as per documentation here
  • Don't allow any circulating tokens prior ILO's end: LP creation before the ILO ends will make it fail
  • Round 0, 1 and 2 cannot be altered and will take place as per documented here
  • Unsold tokens are burned if your ILO is successful but hardcap was not reached
  • Failed ILO will allow you to withdraw your tokens. Note that tokens locked manually will remain locked.

How to create a test ILO on BSC or ETH?

ILO and lockers are deployed on Kovan ETH testnet. Whether your ILO will take place on BSC or ETH network, the interface remains the same across all blockchains and can be tested on Kovan.

Can I waive the UNCX/UNCL requirement for round 1 or shorten it?

No, you cannot. This is one of the incentive to hold UNCL/UNCX. Those who do not wish to hold either of the two tokens can join round 0 and spend 2 UNCL to reserve their slot, or will have to wait for round 2, unless hardcap is expected to be reached within the 2 hours of round 1.

I have a "JSON" error

Before / When creating an ILO: Restart your computer, clear internet cache, try another web browser. Check all parameters of your ILO, ensure you provide enough gas for the creation.
During / While raising funds for an ILO: This is usually when a liquidity pool has been created manually during the ILO. Unfortunately, you have to restart your ILO from the beginning and make sure your tokens are not already in circulation.
After / When initiating the market at the end of a successful ILO: This is often due to errors in the token smart contract's code. Please get in touch with an admin to see what are your options. when

I want to cancel my ILO

This can only be done if the ILO is "Upcoming". It will not work with a live ILO:-
  • Change the end time / end block to current block + several seconds
This will force-fail your ILO. Please note that fees are not refundable.

Can I implement a whitelist?

Since v6 of our ILO platform, the whitelist accounts for 20% of the hardcap and should be purchased by participants during round 0.
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