FAQ - Farming

Where to start?

You can find on this section a guide to start farming.

There are so many farms, I do not know where is the one I need

On the farm page, the "Tokens" tab allows you to easily search for a farm by selecting (or searching) the name of the reward token for that farm. Once you found it and selected it, you can click "View farms" to see all farms rewarding with this token.

I have clicked "approve" but the UI is still pending and I cannot stake

The UI may be waiting on the confirmation from the blockchain, while it actually already went through. If you have sent the transaction already and confirmed visually on your wallet or on etherscan.io that it is completed successfully, you can close the "stake" window and click on "stake" again: It will not ask you anymore to "approve" and you should be allowed to stake your LP tokens.

Why do I have less token after I withdraw my LP from the farm?

You may have less of one token in the pair, but more of the other token. This is called Impermanent Loss. LP tokens are a portion of the liquidity for a pair. And in a liquidity pool, the ratio of both tokens changes as people buy and sell.

When providing liquidity on Uniswap I am a bit lost

Welcome to Uniswap v3! Since May 5th 2021, Uniswap v3 was released with a new liquidity pool concept (based on NFT rather than LP UNI-V2 tokens) and several new features. The Unicrypt farms, however, are still based on Uniswap v2. In order to provide liquidity to a pair for farming (all Unicrypt farms have a link to add liquidity if no LP token was found in your wallet), you will need to add "v2." in front of "info.uniswap.org/pair/0x..."

I have unstaked my LP token from a Unicrypt farm: how to get my underlying tokens back from the pair?

With Uniswap v3, you will need to find your way in Uniswap to show you the LP v2 removing page. The easiest may be to start here and see if after scanning your wallet, Uniswap finds your liquidity. If you cannot see the pair you provided liquidity to, try this link. This is for removing UNCL/UNCX liquidity and convert the LP token to the underlying UNCL and UNCX tokens. You can adjust the URL to replace UNCL and/or UNCX contract number (starting 0x....) to the contract number of the tokens you are willing to remove from the liquidity pool.

I am in a farm ending soon, when should I exit?

Anytime. Previous farms remain accessible, even if the reward period has ended. You can unstake, then: - Re-stake in a new farm if your LP UNI-V2 token matches that farm - Leave as an LP token in your wallet to still receive 0.3% trading fees - Unpair your LP token to receive the 2 underlying tokens (see question above about getting the underlying token from a pair using Uniswap v2)

I do not see the earn fees after unstaking my token, where are they?

When a LP UNI-V2 token is staked, Uniswap will not track the earn fees for that LP token. You still own the same portion of the liquidity pool, but the your portion has grown with every liquidity provider fee now stored in the pool.