FAQ - UNCX & UNCL Tokens

How to purchase UNCX or UNCL?

Please refer to the dedicated pages: here for UNCX and here for UNCL You will find all the links to purchase the token on your favorite CEX/DEX. You can find the contract number within the link provided on that page.

What are the requirements for ILO participation?

Please refer to the dedicated page. Note that the UNCX/UNCL holding requirements have been waived in ILO v6 (early 2022) and you can join either via whitelist, UNCL burn, or when the round 1 starts.

What slippage should I use?

There is no burning or tax function in either UNCX nor UNCL. 0.5% slippage usually goes through, unless a large amount of buys/sells happen during your transaction.

What are the differences between UNCX and UNCL?

UNCX: Governance token, deflationary, limited supply, cannot be farmed. UNCL: Utility token, inflationary, supply inflates but slowly, can be farmed.

Can I stake my UNCX?

Yes, you can. See our documentation here on how to proceed.

I have purchased UNCL/UNCX but I do not see the token(s) in my wallet

You may need to add a custom token in your wallet. Use the token contract number you can find when clicking on the Exchange/Pair in section UNCX Token or UNCL Token of this documentation.
Note that we strongly recommend using MetaMask for interacting with our app.

Price of UNCX/UNCL seems higher on a specific CEX or DEX

There are some arbitrage opportunities as prices are not constantly in sync, hence it could be higher or lower on one CEX/DEX than on another one. The price difference though is usually within 5-10% max and catches up on all exchanges. It can also be due to low liquidity on a specific DEX, examples below: PancakeSwap: Since migration of PancakeSwap liquidity from v1 to v2, some pairs have low liquidity on either v1 or v2. There is a button at the bottom of the page to switch between both versions. Uniswap: V3 of Uniswap, with liquidity pool based on an NFT rather than an LP token, may also lead to difference in price. Switch to v2 or v3 accordingly.