Farming for Investors
To access our farms, please visit https://farm.unicrypt.network/ The steps required to farm are described below.

Provide Uniswap Liquidity

To start farming, you can expand a farm and click Add more liquidity. When providing Uniswap liquidity with a pair of tokens, you will receive a UNI-V2 LP (Liquidity Provider) token.


This token can then be staked on the corresponding Unicrypt farm involving 2 transactions: Approve, then Stake.


You start earning reward immediately. Click Harvest at any time to receive your rewards while continuing to farm.

Did you know?

Staking more LP tokens or withdrawing your LP token will both harvest your rewards at the same time, all within one transaction.
As of now, there is no single side staking available for UNCX or UNCL: you can only farm using pairs.
Becoming a "liquidity provider" (LP) involves taking the risk of "Impermanent Loss" (IL): be sure to read about this concept and understand well what it means before providing any liquidity to Uniswap.