Creating your ILO

This section summarizes the different steps to create ILOs on the Unicrypt decentralized Launchpad.

Before you start

Before creating your ILO, Unicrypt HIGHLY RECOMMENDS you to have your smart contract audited by one of our whitelisted auditors and to get your team KYC'ed.

Contracts not thoroughly audited may fail after a successful fund raising.

Failed ILOs are not refundable: You are the manager of your project and you are responsible to set achievable targets for your own ILO. Hence consider with care every parameters including, but not limited to: your own code, the price per token, the length of your presale, the soft cap and the hard cap.

Unicrypt will not fix your code:

  • Learn to read and understand your own code

  • Test your code on the test networks provided

  • Ensure you are pointing to the proper router address (e.g. PCS v2, not v1)

Avoid using a hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor, etc.) as some signatures do not go through and you may be unable to add your ILO's social link and icon.

Please refer to our section "Tokens with taxes" at the end of this page in case you have such mechanism in your smart contract.

Only If all the points above are clear to you and only if you agree with them, you can open our dapp and proceed further.

Step 1: Select the exchange/AMM to host your ILO

List of exchanges supported by Unicrypt

Step 2: Connect your wallet and click 'Create ILO'

It's time to get started!

Step 3 - Enter your token address and select the buyers' currency

ILO Configuration

Step 4 : Define the ILO parameters




Defines the number of tokens allocated for the ILO


ILO soft cap. If not reached within ILO's end time, the ILO fails and those who purchased your tokens can withdraw their original investment (bnb, eth, etc.)


ILO Hard cap. Once reached, ILO ends so the pair and the liquidity pool can be created immediately

ILO rate

Calculates the rate between sold token and raised currency.

Listing rate

Defines the listing price vs ILO price (%)

% used for liquidity

Defines the liquidity pool size at listing

ETH limit

Buyers' currency max purchase limit (showing as ETH, but can be BNB, MATIC, etc.)

Lock Time

Liquidity is locked directly at the market initialization - Setup duration

Start/End date

Start and end date of the ILO - Maximum is 2 weeks. the time shown is your local time.

Referral address

Allows to enter a referral address (e.g if you are launching your project with one of our whitelisted partners - get in touch with us for more info)

Listing rate: If you select for example 50%, you will have half the amount of tokens for the same amount of ETH/BNB/MATIC, i.e. listing price will be double of the presale price.

Logo: To have your token's logo showing on your ILO, please ensure you provide the link to the PNG image directly and NOT to the gallery. i.e. your link must end in ".PNG" and should be uploaded to imgur.

Step 5: Approve and create your ILO

Once your parameters are set, the tokenomics of your ILO will be generated:

Tokenomics (example)

In the final stage of the ILO creation, you will see a summary of your ILO and the fees taken by UniCrypt. Double check all these, then once you agree, click 'Approve and Create'. This action cannot be reverted.

🎉 Your ILO is ready in the "Upcoming" tab of our app!

Tokens with taxes and special mechanism on transfer

Tax: It is highly recommended to disable any tax on transfer or other special mechanisms on your token to ensure a smooth pair creation and market initialisation at the end of the ILO. It is also recommended to whitelist the ILO contract from all these mechanisms.

Below are some of the features that typically prevent a proper market initialization and some recommendations on how to adjust them. This should not be considered as an exhaustive list.

Before your ILO starts

  • setLiquidityFeePercent to 0

  • setMaxTxPercent to 100

  • setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled false

  • setTaxFeePercent 0

When your ILO has finished ("Success" status)

  • Call finalize (i.e. Create pair and initiate markets)

Your ILO has ended and the market has opened

  • setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled true

  • setLiquidityFeePercent (To your lp tax fee amount)

  • setTaxFeePercent (To your reflect fee amount)

  • setMaxTxPercent to original value