Creating your ILO
This section summarizes the different steps to create ILOs on the Unicrypt decentralized Launchpad.

Before you start

Below are important information and warnings: please read through.
The following page (link at the bottom) is key to ensure a smooth launch.
Before creating your ILO, Unicrypt HIGHLY RECOMMENDS you to have your smart contract audited by one of our whitelisted auditors and to get your team KYC'ed.
Contracts not thoroughly audited may fail after a successful fund raising.
Do not launch tokens with extra large supply (like 1'000'000'000'000 or more):
You will experience issue launching on some AMM which can only handle smaller supply, like PancakeSwap. The "initiate market" will fail.
Failed ILO are not refundable: You are the manager of your project and you are responsible to set achievable targets for your own ILO. Hence consider with care every parameters including, but not limited to: your own code, the price per token, the length of your presale, the soft cap and the hard cap.
Ensure there is no liquidity in the pool and no holders before the ILO creates the liquidity pool.
Most of the ILO parameters cannot be change.
Do NOT use a hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor, etc.) as some signatures do not go through and you may be unable to add your ILO's social link and icon.
Only use Metamask to create and interact with your ILO.
Unsold tokens will be burned if the ILO is successful, or can be withdrawn if it fails.
Token locked however cannot be released.
Please refer to our section "Tokens with taxes" in case you have such mechanism in your smart contract.
Unicrypt will not fix your code:
  • Learn to read and understand your own code
  • Test your code on the test networks provided (use our faucet for UNCX)
  • Ensure you are pointing to the proper router address (e.g. PCS v2, not v1)
Note that it is not recommended to burn your tokens: best is to get your tokenomics right from the start.
In case there is a need to burn your tokens anyhow, note that our tokenomic chart only support the "dead" address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD Any other burn address will be considered as circulating/unlocked supply.
You can alternatively lock your tokens for a very long period of time as this will be visible on the Tokenomics info tab. Lockers from other provided are not supported hence not reflected in our tokenomics chart.
A successful ILO can be launched to the AMM by anyone pressing the "Initiate markets/pair" button. This cannot be delay.
Finally: Act with integrity with your community, prove to them and to yourself that you can launch a fantastic project, follow your initial roadmap, be open, be accountable, do not hold their funds hostage, etc.
Do read our FAQ for Devs as it highlights important details based on questions and feedback from our ILO channel.
Only If all the points above are clear to you and only if you agree with them, you can open our dapp while reading the instructions on the next page in order to proceed further.
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