ILO - Initial Liquidity Offering

''Decentralised Finance is here to stay, let's bring it to the next level!'' - Mark, Unicrypt Lead Developer
⚠️Please read this carefully⚠️


Before we go further, it is worth mentioning the risks involved in decentralized ILO (also known as presales).

We believe in creating free tech, that anyone can use for their project. Much like the DEX or our lockers where anyone can list their tokens, our platform allows any token to host an ILO.

⚠️ This means we have no say in which tokens use this platform. It is completely open. The following are some risks present in an ILO:

⛔ Minting — If a token contract has minting it is possible for the developers to mint as many tokens as they may like and dump them on the market

⛔ Proxies — If a token is behind a proxy, the contract can be changed in the future to anything they would like. Including freezing token transfers and minting more tokens. Anything is theoretically possible.

⛔ Developer abandonment — The highest risk is developers abandoning a project quite literally immediately after the ILO.

It is important to conduct your own research into a project before participating in a presale.

- Unicrypt Team -

Have a look at our FAQ giving some hints on how to DYOR

The product

We have deployed a completely decentralized and automated ILO/Presale platform connected to our Liquidity Lockers.

Every ILO taking place has to lock between 30% and 100% of the raised currency (e.g ETH,xDAi, etc.) as counter liquidity to the sale token. Unicrypt highly recommends locking 60%+ of the raised funds, in order to create market depth from day 1.

In order to prevent a participant from initiating markets at an unfavorable rate, please bear in mind if you participate in any ILO, your tokens will be held in the contract until the presale has completed.

Once the ILO ends (soft cap reached by end block, or hard cap reached) a publicly callable function will show on the presale page allowing anyone to end the presale, create a DEX pair (Uniswap, HoneySwap, Pancake Swap...), lock liquidity and instantly allow withdrawals of the sale token.

We have made the easiest UI to date, with as much information as possible on the presale pages :




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