ILO - Participation
It's time for action! Feel free to join our official ILO discussion on telegram to discuss about ILOs.

⚠ Must read before any ILO participation ⚠

As the platform is decentralized and anyone can list an ILO: Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and read our FAQ related to DYOR.

Eligibility to Unicrypt ILOs (v6)

For more details on how round 0 works, check here.
Our ILOs Platform is now under it's 6th version and each presale takes place in 3 rounds as explained below:
Max portion of hard cap
Requirements for participation
Anytime before and during round 0
Your wallet must be whitelisted
Starts 2 hours after ILO creation.
Lasts until 10 minutes before round 1 starts.
Burn 2 UNCL***
No holding requirements
Starts as per start date & time specified by the ILO creator.
Lasts for 2 hours**.
min 40%, max 100%
Hold 3 UNCX***
Hold 50 UNCL***
Starts 2 hours after round 1 started**.
Lasts until end block specified by ILO creator.
Whatever remains after round 1


** If hardcap is reached during round 1, the ILO ends immediately successfully and markets can be initiated. There is no round 2 in that case
*** The tokens that need to be held (round 1) or burned (round 0) must be in the wallet you will use to connect to an ILO and must be on the same blockchain as the ILO.
In case you decide to join round 0 and the ILO is successful, your 2 UNCL will be burnt. However, if the ILO fails, 25% of your UNCL contribution will be burnt and 1.5 UNCL returned.
More details about round 0 here.

ILO Platform User Interface

The meaning of each icons is explained on the next page.
ILO Platform v6 pictured above, showing Tokenomics and other info directly on ILO list screen

How to participate in ILOs?

Video tutorials (based on ILO V2) below step 6.
Step 1: Make sure you are eligible for the round (see above) ✅
Step 2: Open our app, and select the exchange where the market of your ILO will be initialized (e.g HoneySwap, UniSwap)
Step 3: Connect your wallet while making sure it is on the correct blockchain.
Step 4: Open the ILO you are interested in and select the amount you want to participate with, then proceed with the transaction (for round 0, see details here)
Step 5: Once an ILO is successful (soft cap met + end block reached, or hard cap met), a publicly callable function will then be used to initialize the markets (you can see more about Successes/Failures in here).
Step 6: Time to withdraw your tokens from the ILO page! 🎉
Note: the time shown is always your device's local time.

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers steps 2 to 4, and is based on ILO v2 (i.e. no round 0).

Compatible wallets

Even though the platform is compatible with WalletConnect, please bear in mind that in practice you may experience issues depending on your browser, your wallet app, its version, the blockchain used, the device's OS, etc. We know for instance that Trust Wallet may work ETH network, but likely not on BSC (before June 2021). They have now removed the in-app "Browser" on iOS devices since June 2021, making it even more difficult to connect.
We therefore strongly recommend using Metamask on your computer or mobile device to enjoy a smooth experience when interacting with our UI.
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