ILO User Interface

User Interface Explanation


While this section describes what each icon on our UI means, you still have to Do Your Own Research before participating to any ILO and assess the ILO risk vs your risk appetite.

User Interface


Additional Information
Token's logo and name
60-100% of funds goes to LP
60% LP locked means 40% of funds goes to dev wallet
Global tokenomics rating
Rating based mainly on unlocked supply
Audit with a flag
Contract is audited but there are some warnings from auditor
No audit or major warning on audit
High risk contract which may even prevent token from being withdrawn or sold
Audit passed with no major flag
Read the audit before deciding to purchase
Token from our factory
No audit required, replaces the Audit flag
KYC passed
DYOR is still required
KYC failed or not attempted
High risk presale with anon dev
Fund raised / Hardcap
Note that reaching the softcap is enough for a presale to be considered as successful
Amount of UNCL slots reserved / total
Committed during round 0. If full, wait for round 1 or 2
Whitelist slots
reserved / total
Whitelist slots are to be requested in the project's Telegram