Advanced Lockers Features
''Our lockers will remain one step ahead of any alternative, we invented the feature'' - Chav, Unicrypt Operations lead
Welcome to this section!
Here, the purpose is to go through the advanced features of Unicrypt Lockers. in other words, the reasons that make them unique.
To utilize these features, it's a prerequisite to have your LP tokens locked. Once done, please go to the 'Edit/Withdraw' section from the UI :
Instant Relock
Lock Splitting
Incremental Locks
Transfer of Ownership
Migration to UniV3 protocol pools
⌛ (UniV3 pending)
If you are looking to withdraw the LP locked tokens, please check below :

Unique feature 1 - Relocks

Relock UI - Relock before the end date ✅
Unicrypt lockers support relocks directly from the UI. Token developers do not need to withdraw the LP tokens to relock them. It can be done with 1 click from the above UI.

Unique feature 2 - Lock Splitting

Split your Lock in sub-locks ✅
It is possible to split your lock in different sub-locks.
For instance, if a developer locked 100% of his LP tokens, he may need to split out say 10% and withdraw for marketing or some other needs, and then relock the remaining 90%.

Unique feature 3 - Incremental Locks

Incremental locks are another unique feature, very used by our customer base.
This allows any token developer, already locking with us, to add more LP tokens for an existing lock. Simply approve and lock!
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Unique feature 1 - Relocks
Unique feature 2 - Lock Splitting
Unique feature 3 - Incremental Locks