How to Lock ?
''Protocol is trust, automation is scalability'' - Mark, Unicrypt Lead Developer
If you are a token developer willing to lock the liquidity on a specific pair, this page is made for you!
First Navigate to Unicrypt main page, choose your AMM then select:

Step 1- Enter your Pair Address

Prior to step one, please make sure that :
DEX pair creation (e.g UniSwap pool has been created)
LP tokens are held in the wallet you connect to the Lockers DAPP
The UI to initiate the Unicrypt Liquidity lock
It is also required to connect your wallet to the decentralized app. Once your token contract address is pasted in the "Pair name or address..." field, the pair will be found with your wallet balance :
Pair found : click on continue to get started!

Step 2 - Configuring the liquidity lock

1. Select the amount of LP tokens to lock
Please note that this is a security feature. Once the LP tokens are locked, they can not be withdrawn prior to the unlock date.
2. Select the unlock date : after that date, locked LP tokens will be withdrawable
Dates are shown for UI comfort purpose, however, behind the unlocking date is an end block. Dates and hours shown are automatically adusted depending on your browser timezone.
Lock ownership unique feature
This option allows the token developer locking the LP to declare a different lock owner (a different address).
Example : I am locking the LP tokens as a developer of a project, but this is my project lead that will then be allowed to withdraw them once the end date has been reached.
However, NONE of the LP tokens can be withdrawn before the end date, no matter which address has the ownership of any lock.
Allows a 10% discount on the locker fee
Allows a discount if locking with a referrer address. To apply, the referrer wallet address needs to hold 3 UNCX Tokens. Feel free to get in touch with our community to enjoy the rebate!
Fee model : Unicrypt Lockers
Fee option
Option 1 - Regular Locks
Flat fee (ETH,xDai,BNB) + 1% of LP tokens Locked
The flat fee or the amount of UNCX burnt is not specified in the above, because it can change over time - We are adjusting the fees depending on each coin price appreciation and the adoption rate of our products. The updates are announced on our official Twitter page.

Step 3 - Confirming the lock

Once the first 2 steps of this tutorial are completed, simply confirm the 'Approve' and 'Lock' standard steps.
Thank you for following this guide! About our advanced lockers features, feel free to consult the below section.
Congratulations! LP Tokens locked ✅
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