Locking Fees
Our revenue model for the lockers services.
To use the liquidity lockers, the fee model is very simple. There is a flat fee (ETH, xDai, BNB.. depending on the blockchain from where you are using the service) and a percentage of the LP tokens locked.
For very large locks, there is a second fee option, consisting of burning UNCX to receive a discount on the UNIv2 fees.
These options can be chosen while interacting on our UI.
We could summarize it in the table below :
Fee options
Fee details
Option 1
Flat fee + % of LP tokens locked
Option 2
UNCX burnt + reduced % of LP tokens locked
These fees are then used to buyback and lock UNCX/UNCL (we use our own services) or used to then burn UNCX.
The fees for all of our services can be found on this page.
Last modified 6mo ago
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