UniCrypt Referral Program

Incentive program for anyone from our community


Our referral program aims to reward those helping spreading the word about our services and bringing new customers to use our Liquidity Locker.

What is a liquidity locker?

  • A way to protect investors from a classic "rug pull", by temporarily revoking the ownership of an LP, sending it to our locker for a set period of time
More information is available in our documentation here.



  • Hold at least 1 UNCX (BNB or ETH; the chain depends on where the LP to lock is located). If you do not hold this amount, you can reach out to our team on our main Telegram chat and we will facilitate)
  • You can refer as many lock as you wish. No limitations.

How to earn?

  • Approach a project who has not locked their LP (more info here)
  • Explain what's in for them (trust, discount)
  • Share the process on how to lock, guide them as required
  • Share your wallet address which contains at least 1 UNCX and needs to be entered in the appropriate field before locking
As soon as the LP is locked, the payout will occur.

How to find unlocked liquidity pools?

Using UniCrypt app:

Using DexTools:

How to reach a project to suggest LP locking?

You can reach out to a project via their Twitter, Telegram, Discord or any other social media.
Once you are in touch with someone from the team, you can explain the benefits of locking with UniCrypt: reputation, security, exposure, decentralization.
Another important angle is our integration level. In fact, UniCrypt locks can be tracked on DEXTools, Bogged Finance, Coinstats, and more to come.
Do explore our ecosystem to find out by yourself what these implies and what else would be worth mentioning about our LP Lockers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I track locked LP?

From our app as per links above.
Or from our telegram bot (covers both BSC and ETH LP locks):
It may take several hours for the LP locked information to be updated on other platforms like DexTools, CoinStats or Bogged Finance.

Why would a project accept to be referred by me?

An instant 10% off on the flat fee (BNB/ETH). The LP fee remains the same though.
Including a referrer has no impact on the locked LP's functionalities or ownership. It is risk-free for the project owner locking their liquidity.

What are the payouts?

For each LP lock you have referred:
  • On PancakeSwap v2 (BSC): 0.0405 BNB
  • On UniSwap v2 (ETH): 0.0108 ETH

How to use UniCrypt UI to lock an LP?

You can explore the process by navigating to:
You can try the UI including the "approve" step without actually locking an LP.
This should help you to be comfortable with the process and make it easy for you to guide anyone locking their LP.
A supporting video will be available shortly.