Our Services in Summary
Unicrypt provides 5 main services plus some sub-features to have a 1 stop shop with everything you need for launching a project, or purchasing tokens from our launch pad.
As of September 2021, our services are deployed on the following blockchains and AMM:
    Ethereum (UniSwap v2, SushiSwap)
    Binance SmartChain (PancakeSwap v1 & v2, JulSwap)
    xDai (HoneySwap)
    Polygon (QuickSwap)
    Kovan Ethereum Testnet (UniSwap v2)

Unicrypt Ecosystem high level overview

The picture above shows the interaction between our services.

Our ecosystem is a decentralized one-stop shop

Token Minted can be

ILO Platform enables you to

    Raise fund to kick start your project
    Gain visibility
    Incentivize your token's liquidity pool with rewards
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