Create a Reward Pool
At least 1 reward pool must be created for each stake/farm pool.

What is a reward pool?

A freshly created stake (or farm) pool comes without reward. Creating and assigning a reward pool allows farmers to receive the rewards they are expecting.

Is this necessary?

Without a Reward Pool, farmers have no incentive to lock their tokens.

How to Create a Reward Pool

Locate "Setting"

"Settings" is located on the upper right corner, between "Stakers" and the Refresh icon:
Click it. A pop up will appear.

Select "Reward Pools"

Reward Pools Window

Reward Token

Enter the contract address of the token you wish to reward with. It doesn't need to be the same as the staked token.


The total amount of reward token dedicated for farmers from start to end of farming. This can be topped up later on.
Note: You need to have enough tokens in your wallet.

Set the start and end date and time

Check this carefully before creation.

Add a reward boost period

If you answer "Yes", the minimum boost is 2x, only integer accepted.

Approve and Create

This create the reward pool and any farmer can immediately subscribe to it. Rewards will start to accrue only from the start time you have set.


This should get you and your farmers started. Your farmers should follow our documentation to stake and start earning rewards.

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