Strategy and Planning
Proper planning will help grow your holder/stakers/farmers base while maintaining a good balance of your Ecosystem.


Avoid creating a stake/farm before due consideration of:
  • what you are trying to achieve for your ecosystem
  • how you plan to incentivize stakers/farmers
  • the benefits of single-side staking versus farming
  • how to reward fairly both large and small holders/LP providers
The fee for creating a Stake/Farm pool is non-refundable as the process is fully decentralized and doesn't involve Unicrypt at any stage.


Farming vs Staking

If your main goal is to incentivize LP providers, you should strongly consider farming over staking, and make the rewards worth it while maintaining a healthy inflation rate.


A large portion of rewards for stakers/farmers in a short time frame could lead to high inflation and may hurt the chart. Below are some suggestions to counter the inflation.

Alternative rewards

You can have multiple rewards pools and consider various tokens for rewards, not (only) the same as the token staked. This could be a secondary token in your ecosystem, or even BNB, stable coin, or the token of another project you are partnering with.


Several level of time-lock periods each with an appropriate % boost can help ladder the unlock time of the token/LP token and limit the consequences of inflation.


Separating small players from whale can help making it worth for everyone. You can consider 2 or more tiers for your stake/farm with different requirements holding requirements
  • Tier2: 0-100 tokens, 30% of total rewards
  • Tier1: 100-Infinity, 70% of total rewards
This helps redirecting most of the whales to the upper tier while leaving a chance for small holders to still earn some rewards.

Incentivize locking period

Plan the "time-boost" while acknowledging that there are 2 types of boost: Your time-boost and UNCL boost. The stakers have the choice of any combination. You need to understand how the UNCL boost works so that there is no "competition" between the "time-boost" and "UNCL boost", but more like a synergy: they complete each others. If your time-lock boost is not really appealing, your community will not time-lock their coins (other than the minimal requirement you set) and may instead only use UNCL to boost their stake. This may impact your ecosystem.


  • Set a minimal locking period which would look aligned with your tokenomics and roadmap
  • Consider a boost up to 100% for several months or a year of locking
  • Consider how to incentivize different profiles who have different needs with several time-boosts options over a wide timeline

A relatively bad example would be:

  • 1 Month 0%, 3 months 5%, 6 months 10%, 15 months 15%
15% boost only on a volatile asset will not incentivize locking. Also the time gap between 6 and 12 months with only 5% extra reward is not appealing for anyone.

A rather good one could be:

  • 1 Month 10% boost, 4 months 30% boost, 8 months 70% boost, 12 months 100% boost
Long term holder may lock for a year and leave it, while short term players may lock for 1 month, or not at all. Other profiles may be represented with the 4 and 8 months lockup & boost. And if no is one locking their coins, it may mean the rewards are not rewarding enough.