Top Up a Reward Pool
Extending the period of rewards without the need for stakers/farmers to re-subscribe to a reward pool.


Stakers/farmers want to stake, earn and forget. Creating a new reward pool for the same reward token means they would need to subscribe to the new pool.
However, before a reward pool expires, i.e. rewards depleted, you can "top it up" to extend it and keep distributing rewards to current subscribers.

How to Top Up a Reward Pool

In the Stake/farm page for your token, click on the reward pool you wish to extend and select "Admin"
Only the farm owner can use this feature
Use the first box:
And enter the amount of tokens you wish to add to the reward pools.
The reward token will be the same as before. For rewarding with a new token, you would need a new Reward Pool, and stakers/farmers will need to subscribe to it.
Approve and Confirm: Your Reward Pool is topped up.
End block of the reward pool will be automatically adjusted keeping the same reward per block, hence the amount of tokens you add will actually define the new end block for the reward pool.
Avoid topping up an already expired reward pool: rewards between the previous end block of the reward pool and current block will be immediately distributed to stakers.
However nothing (technically) is preventing you to do it if these are missed (filling a gap) and expected rewards for current stakers/farmers.
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How to Top Up a Reward Pool