Staking User Interface

Staking UI basics
The user interface for staking is divided in several sections and tabs. You will find below what are these sections for a specific stake. These are listed in the order of appearance.
Note that "Farm" and "Stake" pools are now considered the same, in the sense that the former one requires a LP token (i.e. a pair) while the latter is a "single-side" token. Ultimately they are both ERC20 tokens.

Accessing Stake/Farm pools

On our app, click on FARMS
You will see the stake/farm pools (below is from our test net environment).
Select one of the pool.

Locating my Farm/Stake Pools

To access pools you have already joined, use the "Account" icon:
And navigate to FARMS:
You will see all the pools you are participating to:
This should ease the process of harvesting your rewards.
Once you have selected a pool from the list, you will land on the staking/farming page which is described in the next sections of this page.


First line: total amount of tokens staked, total amount of stakers & total share weight.
Next line: your portion of the stake as well as the boosts you have activated.
2 stakers with 20 UNCX each. One has applied some booster, the other hasn't.

Your Account

This section contains everything you need to stake, boot and withdraw your tokens.

[STAKE] tab

Minimum and maximum you can stake:

Your balance and how much you will stake:

Your "weight" or "share" in the pool based on how much you are planning to stake:

Time boost available for this stake:

Note: once set, you can increase a time boost but you cannot decrease it.

Earliest withdrawal date according to time boost selected:


When are your staked tokens withdrawable:

[BOOST] tab

% of boost you will get depending on the amount of UNCL you will burn:

Note: this was captured in Kovan test environment. The amount to burn will be different in production environment.

[INFO] tab

Your stats, same as shown on the top of the page:

Reward Pools

Every stake can have one or multiple reward pools. You need to subscribe to at least one pool after staking your tokens.
Your stake doesn't receive an rewards until you subscribe to one or more of the "Available" pools.


These are the reward pools you have subscribed to and are receiving reward from.


Reward pools you have not subscribed to. You can subscribe to up to 10 reward pools per stake.


This tab appears after you have subscribed to an available reward pool and only if at least one of the subscribed pool is currently emitting rewards.