Reward Pools & Harvesting
Subscribing to a reward pool is a must!


A stake does not give you any reward. The reward pools you subscribe to do. Every stake will have one or more reward pool(s) available. You can subscribe to up to 10 reward pools for each of your stake.
You may need to be connected to the blockchain where the reward pool is located for joining and/or claiming rewards.

User Interface


What are they?

[Subscriptions] are reward pools you have subscribed to for your current stake and are receiving rewards from (if it is currently emitting rewards).

How many can I subscribe to?

Up to 10

What if I have 0 subscription?

You are not receiving any reward. Look at the next section below related to "available" pools to learn how to subscribe.


What are they?

Under the [AVAILABLE] tab are all the reward pools you can subscribe to, but haven't yet.

How many reward pools should I subscribe to?

To ALL of them: Don't subscribe to 1 pool if there are 3 pools, just subscribe to all to earn the 3 type of rewards.

How to subscribe and start earning?

Click on a pool and you will see this screen as well as additional details:
Click on [Subscribe] button: this will initiate a transaction. It's a one time action to enable this subscription.
You will start earning rewards as soon as the reward period starts if you have subscribed
You can harvest the rewards from this screen, however it is recommended to do so from the [YIELD] tab

[YIELD] tab

When does it show?

This tab appears after you have subscribed to your first reward pool AND the reward period has started:

What is this tab for?

This shows all your subscriptions (with reward period started) for your current stake and allows you to harvest all of the accumulated rewards in 1 click**
Here is the result shown in the transaction (Kovan network):
** You may have to do this action once per blockchain: e.g. you cannot claim a BSC token reward when connected to ETH network