Boost your stake with UNCL
Boost your staking "weight" by burning some UNCL.

General FAQ

What is UNCL boost?

A possibility to boost your rewards by burning a certain amount of your UNCL.


Give a chance for larger stakers to boost their rewards while increasing UNCL scarcity.

Do I have to burn more for larger stake?

No, for simplicity sake, this is a flat amount whether you stake 1 or 100 tokens.

How many UNCL do I need to burn?

This will depends on each stake/farm. Follow the procedure below to find out where to locate this information.


Navigate to the [BOOST] tab
And check how many UNCL are required to boost your weight on this stake.
Note: On our test environment, 1 UNCL only is required for a 100% boost: this will not be the case in production.

No boost:

40% boost:

100%/max boost:

Apply your boost

Click Approve UNCL for burn and then Boost

Boost FAQ

How do I reduce my boost?

You can't, and you shouldn't even if you could: your UNCL are already burnt if you have clicked "Boost".

How do I increase my boost?

Refer to the current page (procedure above) to increase your boost by burning more UNCL at any time.

Can I move my boost to another stake/farm?

No, the boosts (both time lock and UNCL burn) is for current stake only.

I don't receive any reward though

Until you subscribe to a Reward Pool, you will not receive any reward.
See our next page on this topic.