Overview and Concept
As part of our services, you can now mint your own token.

ENMT Characteristics

The minted token is fully ERC20 compliant with no fee/tax on transactions.

Connecting the dots...

If you have a real product, with a roadmap, but no token, no solidity skills, this is the place to start.
You can use it to launch an ILO with no need to get it audited, as there is no malicious code created within. You will receive a "badge" that counts as "audited".
You can then vest/lock your tokens, and upon successful ILO completion, the liquidity pool will be created and 60-100% of the LP will be locked.
You can then incentivize Liquidity Providers by creating a farm using our farm-as-a-service and reward them the ENMT token.
Full DeFi Suite for those with zero solidity knowledge!
  • Mint a token
  • Create an ILO with locked liquidity
  • Lock your tokens
  • Create your farms
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ENMT Characteristics
Connecting the dots...