Token Vesting

While our Liquidity Locker allow to lock LP tokens in a pool to prevent classic "rug pulls", it does not allow single tokens (i.e. not LP pairs) to be time-locked.
This is what our Token Vesting feature does.
The Token Locker, or Vesting, from our list of services

What is "Token vesting", or "Token lock"?

It is the ability to lock n amount of token for x amount of time as a commitment to hold the token.

How can token vesting can help your project?

A clear token vesting schedule (with a proof of lock, how the tokens will be managed and when they will unlock) may help gaining the trust of the community supporting the project, and could allow a more sustainable growth of the project by showing their commitment to the community.

What can be done with vested tokens?

Nothing except waiting for unlock date. They are time-locked in a smart contract, fully audited by Chainsulting, and cannot be sent, sold, added to liquidity or staked.
However you can trigger some actions on the lock of vested tokens.


Note: while reflections are supported, it will only work with the same token as the one which is locked. If you have reflection in WBNB, WETH, USDC, etc., they will get locked in the contract forever, and no one will ever be able to withdraw those.