High level summary of Fees and Unlock Options
From a simple lock of n amount of tokens for x amount of time, to a more gradual unlocking with conditions, here are the different options you may choose from.

Locking/vesting fees

  • For a one time lock: 0.35% of the vested tokens is used to pay for the fee.
Example of 20 UNCX vesting, with 0.35% fee
  • For recurrent locks: a 1 time fee of 15.000 USDC/BUSD for a specific token contract address, allowing an unlimited amount of free locks, split, relock, etc. from any wallet at any time.
Note: "Unknown" in below example will be the name of the token you are planning to whitelist.

Unlock schedule

  • Simple: Lock tokens in a locker until a specific date/time when they will all be released at once.
  • Linear: Lock n amount of tokens until a specific date/time when they will be released gradually, and in a linear way, until a specific date/time is reached (all tokens will be then unlocked).
  • If you wish to unlock a specific amount of tokens at multiple dates (i.e. not gradually per block, but by "batches"), you can create multiple "simple" locks, each of them being fully released on each of those dates.
  • A "linear unlock" will not allow you to "split lock", meaning separate a lock in 2 locks.
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