Relock, Transfer Ownership and Increment Lock
Advanced lock features
You can perform one of these action on a lock.
Additionally, if you have a standard lock (i.e. not with a linear unlock), you can also "split" your lock.


Allows to relock a lock, whether it's withdrawable or not.
Note: A relock will charge the 0.35% fee on current unlocked token. This means you will not have a round number, or integer, in the new lock.

Transfer Ownership

Transfer the ownership of a lock from you to another wallet. There is no fee apart from the network transaction.

Increment Lock

Lock more token in this lock. Note that:
  • You cannot set a different date for the unlock
  • You can lock tokens to the lock of someone else, hence make sure this is what you want to do (check the gear icon color)
  • The 0.35% fee is taken from the total amount you wish to add to the lock, therefore it will not be an integer anymore.

Split Lock

Split a lock in 2 locks. No fee except the network fee. As an example: If you had 5 token in the lock, you can convert to 2 locks of 2 and 3 tokens (or 1 and 5, etc.).
  • You can only split "Standard" lock, not "Linear" ones
  • You can only split a running lock, i.e. not withdrawable yet
  • You cannot change the ownership while splitting, though this can be done afterwards
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