Dual Token Ecosystem


Our original UNC token created in June 2020 was switched to UNCX token, our deflationary governance token, from November 2020 until Q1 2021. And UNCL was introduced as the utility token, a farming reward with a slow inflation rate.

Why 2 tokens?

The Ecosystem has many features, utilities and ways of paying fees. Paying all services fees with UNCX would make it "over"-deflationary and rapidly unaffordable, allowing early investors to hold most of the supply.
With some fees payable in UNCL (e.g. permanent token vesting for a specific smart contract, or ILO slot reservation), the possibility to earn UNCL with farming, and the permanent entrance ticket using either UNCX or UNCL, the "price competition" between the 2 tokens appears healthier with a dual token system.

What tax is applied to UNCX and UNCL?

There is 0% tax on UNCL and UNCX. The Unicrypt ecosystem is truly self-sustainable via the fees other projects are paying to use our services.
Hence 0.1% slippage is usually enough to buy UNCX or UNCL when price movement is low.

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