The page below summarizes how to interact with Omnibridge, allowing holders to navigate their tokens across 3 blockchains (ETH<>xDai<>BSC).

High level summary of steps required

Get ready to create your xDai wallet and fund it with some xDai tokens to pay for the fees here. xDai fees are among the lowest of all blockchains.
Once this is done, you have to understand the process always requires to bridge through xDai: bypassing xDai blockchain (i.e. from ETH to BSC or BSC to ETH) will not wrap your UNCX/UNCL tokens properly.
This page explains how to bridge from ETH to xDai and vice-versa.
This page shows the process of bridging from xDai to BSC and the other way around.


Though the whole bridging process looks complicated at first, and requires to setup an xDai wallet, the next time you decide to bridge it will take you only a few minutes.
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