Bridge xDai | BSC (direct)


Bridging between xDai and BSC

Step 1 - Make sure your MetaMask wallet is setup on xDai Mainnet.

Step 2 - Connect to BSC/xDai Omnibridge and then connect the wallet you are willing to interact with

Step 3 - Select the token you are willing to send from xDai to the BSC blockchain (UNCX on xDai or UNCL on xDai) and pick your amount.

Select the token to bridge from xDai to BSC

Step 4 - Unlock & Transfer on BSC

After unlocking, 'Transfer' and then 'Continue' (12 block confirmations after signing the transaction)

Step 5 - Claim your tokens on BSC, and open your wallet! You are there!

For this last step, make sure you hold BNB in your wallet, to make sure you can then realize transactions on Binance Smart Chain.

If you are willing to bridge the other way around, the process is the same but starting from BSC to xDai.