Token addresses

UNCX Token (full name)
UNCL Token (full name)


In order to utilize your UNCL and UNCX tokens across the 3 blockchains (ETH, xDai, BSC), the first step is to make sure your MetaMask wallet is correctly configured.
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    Get familiar with how to add a custom RPC : here
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    Add xDai parameters and BSC parameters for your wallets, using the links below :
Custom RPC
Setup link
Binance Smart Chain
Once you add the BSC network, you will need BNB to pay for transactions.
Once you add the xDai network, you will need xDai to pay for transactions. See Getting xDai for more information.
DO NOT skip the xDai step by bridging your token directly from ETH to BSC or BSC to ETH: this is a new feature of Omnibridge as of Q3 2021, however it will not wrap the UNCX/UNCL tokens as expected, rendering it unusable until it is bridged back (directly to ETH or BSC).
Always use ETH>xDai>BSC (for wrap) or BSC>xDai>ETH (for unwrap).