ILO Platform v2 (created before 25 August 2021)
This section is only applicable to ILOs created prior 25 August 2021

Eligibility to Unicrypt ILOs

ILOs v2 are taking place in 2 rounds as explained below:
Round 1
⏰ The first round of any ILO lasts 2 hours
👋 To participate, your wallet needs to hold : - 3 UNCX Tokens OR - 50 UNCL Tokens ℹ️ The tokens need to be held in the wallet you will use to connect to an ILO and must be on the same blockchain as the ILO.
ℹ️ Whitelist does not apply for round 1. Staking contract will come during Q3 2021 to provide a fair allowance of tokens to both holders and non-holders.
ℹ️ You cannot skip or alter round 1.
Round 2
⏰⏰ The second round of an ILO can run for up to 14 days.
There is no specific requirement, unless a whitelist is enabled.
ℹ️ If the ILO does not sell out in the first 2 hours, it moves on to this second round. This round can be subject to a whitelist: do check with the presale creator if they have decided to make the sale private.

Change log for ILO created from August 25 (ILO v3)

  • There is a new round (round 0), open from ILO creation date/time, until 10 minutes before round 1 starts
  • Those ILOs have a UNCX & UNCL logo on the browsing page, and a "reserve your spot with 2 UNCL" button on the ILO detailed page
  • This rounds allows to reserve tokens by sending (and burning) 2 UNCL (no UNCX/UNCL holding requirements)
  • It will be filled at 1/3 of the ILO's hardcap
  • Round 1 keeps the same requirements as before (see section above)
  • Round 2 will not have a whitelist anymore
Note: until roughly end of September 2021 you will see both ILOs with and without UNCL burn option, as the new features are only for newly created ILOs
Upcoming: A new type of ILO (details not revealed yet as of 08 September) will be implemented soon. Then staking contract will come afterwards.
More details about round 0 here.

How to participate in ILOs? (Based on ILO v2)

Video tutorials below step 6.
Step 1: Make sure you are eligible for the round (see above) ✅
Step 2: Open our app, and select the exchange where the market of your ILO will be initialized (e.g HoneySwap, UniSwap)
Step 3: Connect your wallet while making sure it is on the correct blockchain.
Step 4: Open the ILO you are interested in and select the amount you want to participate with, then proceed with the transaction
Step 5: Once an ILO is successful (soft cap met + end block reached, or hard cap met), a publicly callable function will then be used to initialize the markets (you can see more about Successes/Failures in here).
Step 6: Time to withdraw your tokens! 🎉
Note: the time shown is always your device's local time.

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers steps 2 to 4.
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Change log for ILO created from August 25 (ILO v3)
How to participate in ILOs? (Based on ILO v2)
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