Whitelisted KYC partners

In this section, our KYC provider that we highly recommend. KYC your team and launch your project on the UniCrypt ILO!

KYC is very important for new anonymous teams.

⚠️ Unicrypt HIGHLY recommends tokens launching on the ILO platform to get in touch with our KYC partner.

KYC partner







Refer to the information on their Twitter to know how to request a quote. There are some fake TG groups impersonating them.


  • KYC is not done by Unicrypt but only by one of our partners (listed above).

  • Whether the KYC is successful or not, the fee is not refundable.

  • If you believe you can't pass KYC 100% then reconsider carefully if KYC is required for your project or not.

  • Be ready before your call:

    • Prepare all the documents requested by our KYC partners

    • Have at hand additional documents which were not requested but may be required to ensure our partner can verify that you really are who you claim to be.