How to Withdraw ?

To withdraw your LP tokens (Note: you will be able to withdraw your LP tokens ONLY after the end block of the lock) :
Choose the AMM where your liquidity is locked here then select:
[New Lock] is the default selection. Please ensure you navigate to [Edit / Withdraw]
Then paste your token pair address in the dedicated field
The pair will be found automatically with your wallet balance
If you locked your liquidity before Dec 17th, 2020 (release date of our Lockers V2), you may still be under our V1 contract. Please select V2/V1 accordingly.
Then, you can simply see your locked LP tokens for the DEX pair (e.g UniSwap, HoneySwap, CAKE). You can either withdraw them... or relock them. You may want to have a look at the page link below, describing our advanced features (such as 1-click relocks 🔐 )
Withdraw your LP very easily... or relock them!
On behalf of the entire Unicrypt team, we would like to thank you for using our services!