Create your own Stake or Farm

Staking-as-a-Service / Farm-as-a-Service
The sub-sections from here are for projects/teams who wish to create their own stake or farm pool to allow their community to participate in the ecosystem and earn rewards.

You can create either:

  • a staking pool, with a single-sided token to be staked (e.g. BNB, ETH, USDC, TOKENXYZ, etc.)
  • a farming pool, with an LP token, i.e. pair, to be staked (e.g. BNB/TOKEN XYZ)
Once created, a staking pool cannot be deleted. Do ensure everything is setup correctly, mainly:
  • contract address of the token to stake
  • each time boost with proper scale (minute/hours/days/weeks/months/years),
The minimum and maximum amount of tokens to stake needs to be checked carefully for LP tokens as ratio/supply is not necessarily what you are expecting. However this parameter is editable from the "setting" > "Stake pool" menu by the pool owner.

You can set the staking/farming pool in these ways:

  • provide extra rewards depending on how long each farmer/staker lock their tokens for
  • include an additional boost which can be activated by individual farmers/stakers by burning some UNCL tokens to increase their earning

You can then:

  • Create multiple "reward pools" for your stake/farm, with whichever token (on the same blockchain) as a reward and to which stakers/farmers can subscribe to in order to earn reward for staking/farming your token. The can subscribe to up to 10 reward pools under the same staking/farming pool.
  • Top up a pool in 2 ways:
    The former one allows stakers/farmers to remain subscribed to a pool and continue receiving rewards. Particularly helpful on ETH to prevent spending high gas fee when unsubscribing from a reward pool and subscribing to a new one.
Ensure you go through our end-user documentation, i.e. Staking and Earning Rewards, to understand well what your community will see and how they will interact with your farm/stake pool.