Create a Farm


Ensure you are connected to the blockchain where the token to be staked and the token(s) for reward are both located, and that the connected wallet has (or will have) the required tokens for the reward pools.
Navigate to our dapp and click FARMS.
Connect your wallet, then click the "Create" button


You will see this screen when creating a new Stake/Farm pool:

Set Farm/Stake Parameters

Copy the contract address and paste it in the field:

Note: it can be a LP token, like UNCX-WETH or UNCX-WBNB.

It will show you the token name:

Set the minimal staking period

Stakers/farmers will not be able to withdraw their token until the time expires.

Minimum and maximum stake amount

The "MAX_VALUE" means no limit.

Set the time boost.

This allows to reward farmers/stakers according to the amount of time they commit to lock their token for. Reward ranges from 0 (no boost) to 100% (max boost).
You can add several boost, from seconds to years of locking. Ensure you enter them in the correct order: shorter time and lower boost first, longer time and higher boost after.
Note the "MSP" above, which is the "Minimal Staking Period": your time boost will always be:
"Selected Time Boost" + "Minimal Staking Period" ="Total Lock Time"

Create your Farm/Stake pool

Ensure you have checked all the parameters as this action cannot be reverted!
Select your country and click "Create".
"Country" is required for Unicrypt for tax calculation purpose.

How to assign a reward to a stake/farm pool?

Staking without a reward would be pointless. Reward Pools are explained on the next page.
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Set Farm/Stake Parameters
How to assign a reward to a stake/farm pool?