How to Stake

Steps to stake your tokens


This is where you should start to learn how to stake your tokens, apply boost, subscribe to a (or multiple) reward pool(s), etc.
Ensure you know how to look for an existing farm/stake pool as explained in the previous page.
Note: Staking Video Walkthrough at the bottom of this page.

Selecting your stake pool

There are 3 UNCX staking pool, each targeting a different tier as explained in our Medium article:
  • Tier 1: Min. 100+ $UNCX Staked, no maximum
  • Tier 2: Min 20 — Max 100 $UNCX Staked
  • Tier 3: Min 3 — Max 20 $UNCX Staked
And UNCL burn requirements, as well as reward distribution, are different (all explained in the Medium article mentioned above). Other projects using our services may apply a similar approach.
Select your pool and boost options (time-lock and UNCL burn) wisely!
Depending on your current holding, you may not be eligible to enter tier 1 or 2. If you first enter tier 3, time-lock your UNCX and burn some of your UNCL, you will not be able to "revert" these actions or "migrate" to tier 2-3. Therefore, consider a lower time-lock for your UNCX and no UNCL burning if you are planning to enter another tier soon.

Connect your wallet

  • Ensure you are on Ethereum network (unless specified otherwise) with your Metamask
  • Click on "Connect Wallet" on the staking page

Stake your tokens

User Interface ([STAKE] tab)

Note: this was done on Kovan test net for our demo. Amount for boosts and other requirements are expected to change in production environment.
Make you have read and clearly understand our warning in previous section:

Min & Max amount you can stake

On the first line, you will see how many token you can stake at minimum and at maximum.

Enter an amount to stake

Next you can see your balance and decide how much you will stake. We will input 10 for our example.
Don't stake yet.

Time boost option

for each stake, the owner can set a time boost option.
Your rewards, or your weight in the pool, will be influenced depending on how long you lock your tokens for.
Important notes
  • If you already have tokens staked, adding tokens will relock your whole stake, i.e. previously staked tokens and newly stake tokens will all be relocked for the whole amount of your time boost:
  • If you had a time boost activated before for your new stake, you can only relock with the same time boost or a longer time boost:

Stake it!

Once you have selected the amount you wish to stake and your time boost, you can "Approve" the token for staking and then click "Stake".
Note: time boost can be increased at anytime.

Are further boosts possible?

Yes, by burning UNCL. The procedure is described on the next page.

Video Walkthrough

o subscribe to a reward pool, explained later in our documentation
The above video explains how to stake, however you will still need to perform an additional step, i.e. subscribe to a rewards pool, in order to start receiving rewards.