Staking/farming as a service for Projects and staking/farming for holders

Product Overview

Unicrypt has developed a staking contract and a user interface to allow:
  • Stakers and farmers to earn multiple rewards per stake (documentation here, best to start with below section)
  • Projects to create custom staking and farming pools to reward their community (jump here)
Please refer to our Medium article for an introduction of the new staking contract and the incentives for UNCX stakers.

Staking for UNCX - FAQ

UNCX tokens will be required to be staked on the Ethereum blockchain

Why on Ethereum?

ETH is the most trusted blockchain and the "mother" or UNCX native token. Other blockchains are bridging UNCX from ETH.

Gas is too high on ETH

The staking on ETH will be a one-time operation: Rewards will be distributed, cross-chain, and further operation on the ETH network will be unnecessary, or very occasional.

How to bridge my UNCX from BSC to the ETH network?

You can use Multichain bridge or Omnibridge. Multichain was recently implemented and will be easier in terms of process. Omnibridge is the first bridge we offered and if you plan to use it, ensure you are familiar with bridging assets. Please note that in both cases there is a fee taken from your UNCX/L.

Cross-chain rewards: How is that possible?

The staking contract will allow you to subscribe to "reward pools". These reward pools are able to distribute rewards from other blockchains and you'll be able to harvest those rewards with minimal gas fees.

Can I subscribe to multiple reward pools?

Yes, up to 10 reward pools can be subscribed to for a given stake pool. These pools will all give rewards for a specific token on every blockchain where rewards are made available (your stake remains on the Ethereum chain, and rewards come on multiple chains)

Can I use TrustWallet for this?

No. We will only support Metamask. With Metamask you can easily connect the same wallet address (0x...) on multiple blockchains, and we can indirectly ensure rewards are accessible to you on other blockchains. Trust Wallet (as an example) doesn't have as much flexibility and may create another address for another blockchain, making your rewards difficult to access.

Where are the rewards from? Is it sustainable?

Rewards are mainly from teams/projects using our ILO platform, and fees were accumulated since v1 of our ILO platform launched in February 2021. Each successfully launched ILO generates income for UNCX stakers: Yes, it is sustainable.

Where do I start with the staking of my tokens?

Our end-users documentation is available from the next page, and includes sub-sections (UI | Stake | UNCL Boost | Reward Pools).

Farms v2

Farms are using the same staking contract as single-side token staking. For farms v2, you will simply stake your LP token instead of a single-sided token. You will hence have to provide liquidity to a pool on a specific AMM & Blockchain, then stake the LP you will receive.

Staking and farming-as-a-Service

You can jump to this page to learn about creating your own staking/farming pool.