Mint your own Token


  • Give it a try on Kovan, you will only need some ETH for the gas to mint an ENMT
  • Try the whole process including ENMT, ILO, Token Vesting and farm-as-s-service
  • Then start on a production AMM once you feel comfortable with the process and you know what is the ideal supply of your ENMT
Do not mint extra large supply (like 1,000,000,000,000 or more):
You will experience issue launching on some AMM which can only handle smaller supply, like PancakeSwap. The "initiate market" will fail.

How to mint

How to mint your own ENMT
On our app, click on Services, and select Token Minter.
Choose your network/blockchain first, then connect your wallet. The minted token needs to be on the same blockchain as the AMM you will use in case you launch an ILO.
Then define your Token Name, Token Symbol and Total Supply as pictured below. Supply can decrease via burns if required, but cannot increase as the ENMT has no mint function, so choose your max supply wisely.
Once you are satisfied with your parameters, click Mint a new token


  • If you receive a JSON RPC error when clicking "mint", you likely don't have enough BNB/ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas.