View Existing Locks

This section will explain how to interact with the UI to "View" the locks on current token / contract address.


You can select what you want to see, though you cannot filter on a specific wallet, you will see all locks and wallets within this category for this token.

"Locked" filter will typically be to have a look just after locking, or find out what is left to be unlocked and when.

"Unlocked" filter is to see the tokens which can be withdrawn now. A green gear icon means your currently connected wallet can withdraw the tokens from this lock, and a gray gear icon indicate that another wallet can do so. A "linear" unlock in this view does not mean you can withdraw all tokens from the lock, but only the amount of tokens which have been released until now.

"Withdrawn" means the wallet having these tokens assigned to has already withdrawn them, hence they are now in circulation.

You can click on any of the lock to expand the view. You will see extensive details and stats for linear unlocks while standard unlocks have no other info except a part of the wallet address.