Bridge ETH | xDai (direct)

Bridging between ETH and xDai

Step 1 - Make sure your MetaMask wallet is setup on ETH Mainnet

Step 2 - Connect to Omnibridge and then connect the wallet you are willing to interact with

Step 3 - Select the token you are willing to send from ETH to xDai blockchain (UNCX or UNCL) and pick your amount.

Step 4 - Unlock & Transfer on xDai

After unlocking, 'Transfer' and then 'Continue' (12 block confirmations after signing the transaction)

Unlock & Transfer functions interact with the Ethereum blockchain. ️Expect gas fees.

Funds are sent by default to the same address on a different blockchain. See 'Advanced' if you are willing to redirect the funds to a specific recipient address.

Step 5 - Open your wallet on xDai Network 🎉 and enjoy low fees transactions!

  1. If you are willing to bridge the other way around, the steps are the same but starting from xDai to ETH.

  2. There is a small Omnibridge fee while bridging from xDai to ETH (ETH to xDai is free apart from gas).

  3. It will require a transaction interacting with the ETH blockchain, gas fees will apply.